My Danish Roots is a full-service professional genealogy research company in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We specialize in Danish genealogy research:
  • Finding your ancestors in Denmark and their descendants
  • Finding and establishing contact with your living relatives in Denmark
  • Solving history puzzles that most genealogists encounter at some point
  • Breaking down genealogy brick walls
  • Building your family tree
  • Transcribing and translating the sources
  • Finding out which Danish authorities to contact if you need official certificates
  • Finding heirs for probate courts
  • Taking pictures of churches, cemeteries, addresses, etc.
  • Answering specific queries
  • Other tasks in connection with genealogy in Denmark
We focus on Danish ancestry:
  • The Kingdom of Denmark
  • The former duchies, Schleswig, Holstein, and Lauenburg (Some information is only available to German and Danish citizens for their personal use, though)
  • The former colony, the Danish West Indies (Virgin Islands)
  • The Faroe Islands
  • Greenland
Before a genealogical research

The best starting point for a genealogy project is information about any of the religious ceremonies: christening, confirmation, marriage, or burial. The key information is the date and parish. In many cases, less information is enough to get started. It could be a birth date, the names of other family members, the emigration year, or a location.  

Firstly, we will carry out an assessment free of charge to review your information and be sure that we can document at least a couple of events by their sources. This preliminary research is of no obligation to you at all.


Our research proposal

Based on this assessment and if we are confident that we understand your goals and can help, we will develop a research proposal.

Throughout the project, we’ll keep you briefed about the process and share findings with you. In this way, you will be able to adjust the research if you want.


Danish family tree

Besides the findings, we will deliver a pedigree showing the relationships of the people concerned and a research journal with details of everything that was searched including those sources where nothing helpful was found.  

All delivered findings are documented by copies of the sources, see samples here.

Read about our prices and conditions.

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