Terms and conditions

My Danish Roots is a full-service professional genealogy research agency working out of Copenhagen, Denmark. We undertake any genealogy task which can be solved through Danish sources.

Our research service is billed hourly and our rate is 45 USD per hour. We charge only for our working hours and we don’t add any other costs at all. 

Because it is impossible exactly to tell how long time a research will take, we suggest doing it in steps of for instance 5 hours – but you can choose any number of hours that you are comfortable with.

Please remember that we always conduct a free preliminary study to evaluate the chance of meeting your expectations and that we only accept projects with a fair chance of that.

We will keep you informed about the progress during the search, so you can adjust the focus or goal if you prefer. More importantly, you can terminate the research at any time and for any reason in which case, we will refund unused hours in full.

Read more about our Services and About us.

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