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Connecting Past and Present

Find your Danish roots and get in contact with your unknown relatives in Denmark 

Imagine how it would be to know who your Danish ancestors were, where they lived and what they did for a living. And to know what happened to the family members who stayed in Denmark and to their descendants.

Take a moment to reflect on what you would ask a Danish relative when you get in contact with him or her for the first time.

Visualize how your family tree will appear with an adequate Danish branch and imagine how it would be to present it to your family and the younger generations.

With help from My Danish Roots, you can make it happen. We acknowledge that no two research projects are the same. Therefore, we will tailor the research and report to your needs and preferences.

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Niels Christian Møller Jensen
Christian Rubæk

Who we are

Danish Genealogists

We’re Niels and Christian, experienced Danish  genealogists with detailed knowledge on Danish ancestry and state of things in Denmark, both in the old days and today. Therefore, we can go deeply into the sources and maybe find information that is easily missed.   

The bottom line is that you can benefit from our knowledge and long genealogy experience because it enables us to do effective and high-quality research.   

More than 500 genealogy projects

Since 2013 we have completed more than 500 Danish genealogy projects; many of which exceeded our customers’ expectations, according to the very positive feedback we have received over the years.

We don’t undertake a research project unless we feel there is a realistic chance of success because we don’t want to waste your time and money. It is important to note that nothing is guaranteed in genealogy, though. Research is often unpredictable and no-one can tell in advance how successful the research will be. We do guarantee, however, that we will do our utmost to resolve any issue that might arise.

If you want to build or enhance your Danish family tree, a collaboration with My Danish Roots could be your first step!

You are very welcome to contact us.

Our perfect location

Rigsarkivet [The Danish National Archives], in the center of Copenhagen, has the greatest and far most important collection of sources available to the public. Fortunately, My Danish Roots is located near the archive.

My Danish Roots

Jordbærvangen 63
DK – 2765  Smørum


Rigsarkivet [The Danish National Archives]

Den Sorte Diamant
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
DK – 1221 Copenhagen 

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