Thousands of ordinaire people’s memoirs available

Københavns Stadsarkiv (Copenhagen City Archive) has since 1969 collected about 3,500 digital and searchable Copenhagen stories and made them available to the public. The memoirs are a historic goldmine where ordinary Copenhageners speak out about life in Copenhagen in the period 1920-1960. It was a time of economic depression, housing shortages and unemployment, the German occupation and the English liberation, and post-war recovery and expansion of the welfare state.
The memoirs are about big and small events of the city history and the communities and the contributors’ own lives with joys and sorrows. World War II fills many memoirs and they offer different perspectives on everyday life during the war. One can read eyewitness accounts on such different topics as black-market trading, rationing, resistance struggle, bombings, flights, and seized schools.
The memoirs are exciting reading for those interested in Danish history because they are personal and no two are alike.

Here you can search for possible memories by your Danish family.

If you need help with the search or with Danish genealogy, you are welcome to ask for a consultation completely free of charge by My Danish Roots.

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